Don’t Get Robbed By Your Bank


Bank of the Internet (BoFi) relaunched as Axos Bank in early 2018 to usher in the modern era of banking. The online bank offers customers lower fees compared to conventional banks that nickel-and-dime customers to pay for unnecessary overhead costs.

I led the digital media planning and execution of Axos’ “Don’t Get Robbed By Your Bank” campaign. I worked closely with the Cutwater creative team to develop engaging video and digital display assets to build awareness in the five target markets and ultimately, generate conversions for Axos.



The campaign earned over 7.5 million video views – out-performing pre-launch projections by 180%.

Axos saw a 48% increase in conversion volume and a 93% decrease in Cost/Aquisition.

The campaign’s click-through rates are 3x banking industry averages.

Additional Creative:


Sketch Artist (40 Sec)

Ad Placements: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit.



Breaking News Stories

Ad Placement: Native Article (News & Finance Websites)




Axos CCTV & Wanted Posters

Ad Placements: Social & Display Remarketing


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